We specialize in “WILDCAT CUSTOM RIFLES” that are built using a Remington 700 action or custom action. All rifles are built to closest tolerances using benchrest techniques to ensure the best possible accuracy. 
Riffles:  Benchrest, Live Varmint, Hunting, and Sporting
Cartridge: 22 Rim fire, .17-.30 Cal. Center fire, Fitted to any available cartridge.
Options: Action truing, Pillar bedding, Large recoil lug, Trigger work, Muzzle brake, Jewell trigger
Barrel: LiljaHartShilenDouglas (S\S only)
 Stock:       McMillan, Lee Six, Hallect.
Action:      Remington, Hall, Stolle, Nesika Bay, Batt, Stiller

Custom ammo available for any rifle built.

All rifles are built to “BENCHREST” standards