My favorite rifles to build and also shoot. Our .22 rim fire bench rest rifles are built on Stiller actions with match grade S/S barrels, Jewell trigger, tuner with bloop tube, and a custom stock. The head space is adjustable with the use of adjusting rings . The action can either be pillar bedded or glued in. The gun will make 10.5 lb weight class with aluminum rings and a scope that is 1lb or less. All rifles are tested and tuned before they are delivered.

Base price: $2895.00


  • Polish action & barrel  $100.00
  • Lilja, HartShilen, (S\S only) barrel
  • Von Ahrens tuner $100.00
  • Hall bolt handle $50.00
  • Bore guide $30.00
  • ACCU-REST  $1195.00  
  • Barrel block  $250.00
  • Tuner jag  $30.00